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Upgrade to ChillTV VIP at anytime and get priority support, access to VIP only community chat, and our exclusive ChillTV VIP App!

4 Devices showcasing the ChillTV product on TV, Mobile, Laptop, and Tablet

Watch the way you want

  • Chill TV is compatible with almost every smart device on the market. Our app will allow you to stream using your tv, phone, pc, or other devices!

  • Watch anywhere anytime on-the-go

  • Chill TV has easy-to-use parental controls

  • An ever-growing range of tv, movies, and series titles in stunning 4K UHD and Dolby Atmos sound on compatible devices

  • Stream on up to four devices at the same time

ChillTV has your favourite sports and events!

Never miss a game with our complete sports event packs. All sports packs are included in Chill TV at not extra cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ChillTV is a LIVE Streaming service that offers more then 5000+ Premium HD Channels such as Entertainment channels, Sport Packages, Movie Networks, and even your local city channels. Besides Live Tv Channels we also include a HUGE Video on Demand section, with over 25000+ Movies and TV Series! Want to know more about how ChillTV works? Here is a video tutorial showing you how ChillTV works including a live demonstration of our application.

ChillTV is up to 10x less then your normal cable package, and includes 10x more! We give your everything included under one app for just one price – no gimmicks! Here is our current pricing:

· Monthly Plan - $30 every month
· 3 Month Plan - $75 every 3 months
· 6 Month Plan - $120 every 6 months
· 1 Year Plan - $200 every year

Please note taxes are included and you can pay online via E-Transfer/PayPal/Stripe.

The ChillTV app works on many different devices including Streaming devices such as Amazon Fire Stick, ChillCube (Android box), and even Phones and Tablets (iOS & Android).

It’s up to you what device you want to use your ChillTV App on, however we recommend the following for the best performance:

· Overall Best Performance - Nvidia Shield cost: $199 The Nvidia Shield offers the absolute best android device on the market. It has the most ram, and best CPU processor that will deliver a fast flawless streaming experience.

· Our recommendation – Amazon Fire Stick (4k) or ChillCube (Max Pro version) The Amazon Fire Stick 4k & ChillCube Max Pro both offer amazing streaming video, with a true 5g Wi-Fi network card to get the best speeds. The ChillCube comes pre-installed with the ChillTV application, so all you have to do is login. We also provide a very simple video tutorial on how to setup ChillTV on an Amazon Fire Stick (5-minute setup time).

Want to see more? Watch our quick video demo on Chill TV